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A not so hidden gem in #Auckland (at Ambury Park)
View from our little escape pad @sammaulder  (at Koi Roc Cottage Waiheke Island Accommodation)
Holiday rambling with @sammaulder  (at Waiheke Island)
@sammaulder ‘s #paleo muesli. So keen. Want to eat it for lunch and dinner too (at Te Papapa)
Poppies. *wolf-whistle* (at Cornwall Park)
Beetroot and leaves, sunflowers seeds, feta, garlic

“Radical expansions of power are often introduced in this way, by persuading people that they affect just a specific, discrete group. Governments have long convinced populations to turn a blind eye to oppressive conduct by leading citizens to believe, rightly or wrongly, that only certain marginalized people are targeted, and everyone else can acquiesce to or even support that oppression without fear that it will be applied to them. Leaving aside the obvious moral shortcomings of this position—we do not dismiss racism because it is directed at a minority, or shrug off hunger on the grounds that we enjoy a plentiful supply of food—it is almost always misguided on pragmatic grounds.”

—   Excerpt From: Greenwald, Glenn. “No Place to Hide.”
Professional development in town today - good excuse to check this place out (at Depot)
One of my favourite buildings in Auckland. Beautiful in the domain today (at Auckland Domain)
Get your butts down to Cornwall Park Aucklanders (at Cornwall Park)
#Winter wander (at Cornwall Park)
Waiting for a four person panel on #inequality to begin w/ @sammaulder  (at St Lukes Church)
Partying in Barcelona (at Port Vell)
at La Barceloneta, Barcelona
Fulfilled a childhood dream to go on a #TGV train today #Paris #Barcelona